What to see in Strasbourg

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Our hotel is the ideal starting point for your city excursions. But what can you visit in Strasbourg? The Alsatian city has many treasures to see all year round. Located in the city centre, the Hôtel de l'Ill allows you to discover all the points of interest directly on foot. Stroll along the banks of the Ill or through the narrow streets of old Strasbourg.

/ Market

The oldest Christmas market in France, Strasbourg's is a must-see. Lights, activities and the flavours of Christmas all come together throughout December. Stars in the eyes guaranteed, for all generations!

Old town illuminated and decorate like a fairy tale in Christmas festive season in Colmar, Alsace, France

/ Quai
des Bateliers

The Quai des Bateliers is on the right bank of the River Ill on Strasbourg's main island. It offers walkers sumptuous views that are both poetic and gentle.

Strasbourg. France. Summer
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/ Parliament

The only directly elected European institution, the European Parliament in Strasbourg is well worth a visit. Visitors can also visit the plenary session to witness European political life in action.

/ Cathedral

Built over 3 centuries, Strasbourg's Notre-Dame Cathedral is now the most visited cathedral in France. Nearly 3 million visitors come here every year to admire the goldsmith's work of the architects of the time.

Cathedral de Norte-Dame in Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France - September 18, 2019: Main facade of the Rohan palace facing the river Ill which houses the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts.

/ Museum of
decorative arts

Discover Strasbourg's decorative arts at the museum dedicated to them. A magnificent series of ceremonial rooms in a row form a cocoon for this universe. Paintings, furniture, ceramics, ironwork and even clocks and watches.

/ Small

La Petite France, which is why it is sometimes compared to a little Venice. Where the district takes shape, the river forms an astonishing delta made up of five arms. Seen from the air, they look strangely like the fingers of a hand trying to grasp the whole city. At once peaceful and impetuous, the Ill fills the district with all its charm. Take a stroll along the quays and admire the reflections off the colourful facades of the old houses.

Image of the beautiful Christmas market in a square of the city centre of Strasbourg

/ Place

Strasbourg's central square, Place Kléber, is the place to be for all kinds of gatherings. It is both modern, having been refurbished in 2007, and heir to the city's prestige, with its surrounding buildings dating back several centuries.